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Sarah Butler (@sarahtravelsseatle) x Coachella

Sarah Butler, also known as @sarahstylesseattle, spotted in Endless Rose’s “Pin Stripe Blouse” in Indio, California right before attending Coachella.


In the past couple of years, Coachella started to uphold not only as a music festival but as a fashion show to showcase all new summer trends. It's the perfect place for you to express your own way of styling all the summer trends, as well as gather inspiration.


Inspiration is provided left and right in the weeks building up to the first weekend of the event. Many influencers, as well as models, join in the community of sharing their own styling tips, Coachella survival tips and more.

teamed up with Sarah Butler

This is where we teamed up with Sarah Butler, also known as @sarahstylesseattle. We gifted Sarah with a couple of pieces from our collection, so that she can style them accordingly and provide her viewers ways of wearing our pieces for the event. To say the least, we absolutely loved how she paired the Endless Rose 'Pin Stripe Blouse' w/ white lace up shorts, nude sandals, and the cutest backpack!

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