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Two-tone Treasures

Amanda Marshall x English Factory

Caught between two of your favorite shades? Don't worry we're introducing the perfect two-tone dress that is perfect for every occasion.


English Factory 'Shirred Dress w/ Tie Strap'

As seen on Amanda, this English Factory 'Shirred Dress w/ Tie Strap' embraces the two-tone color blocking trends. The olive and pink contrast welcomes the warmer weathers ahead. We are absolutely adoring the way Amanda paired classic wedges along with a neutral toned purse to compliment the bright hues!


midi dress

This midi dress will be your new go-to dress - the perfect fit for a family outing, running errands, brunchin with the ladies, you name it!


two-tone treasures

English Factory's Spring Collection is all about embracing contrasting colors. Say goodbye to monochromatic black and white and hello to bold combinations! Find your two-tone treasures on our site today - Here are some of our favorites!


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