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Besties who lounge together: MEET Daniella and Karla

Here, girls share their favorite spring trends and styling tricks.


PHOTO: @karla_jordan3 @danyruiz

What is your relationship with each other? 

Daniella Ruiz: Karla and I are besties and now even neighbors. It’s been so fun getting to hangout with her more and create fun content. I feel very grateful for her friendship and support and we’ve been loving doing our body positive videos. And just sharing that you gotta love yourself no matter what shape or size. We also workout together and she has seen me through many stages. I wasn’t feeling myself for a while but recently that changed. I have so much love for myself and Karla has definitely encouraged me to just do me. So that’s why are videos are so special to me. 

Karla Jordan: Daniella is one of my closest friends and I love her to pieces. She inspires me to create and always have the best time with her! 

Introduce yourselves, What kind of content do you make? Why do you do what you do? 

Daniella Ruiz: My content is all about self love! I love to share my story, what I’ve been through and how I always just keep going. I like to share my beauty, fashion and self care tips but also just love to keep it real and have fun. 

Karla Jordan: I’m an actress and content creator based in Los Angeles. I love to share my love for fashion and clean beauty brands with my audience as well as anything I use and love! 

What do you like about our loungewear?

Daniella Ruiz: The loungewear is so comfortable yet I feel so chic in it. Usually I don’t love wearing sweatpants because they can make me feel too frumpy. I love showing of my curves and that’s why I just love that your loungewear came in a crop top style. That did it for me! I feel cozy yet sassy/sexy! Plus the fabric is so soft and has a luxurious feel to it. I would get a size Medium in the pants next time because the Large are a little too big. But actually, I’ll keep the large for home use only to feel extra comfy.

Karla Jordan: Long story short, I love to live in my Objectrare lounge set.

What ways do you style our loungewear? 

Daniella Ruiz: I like to pair it with all white sneakers and gold jewelry. I’ll stack on my necklaces and wear small hoops with a high pony or even add a white hat. For a colder day, I’ll wear my chunky boots, a beanie and my black pea coat and black aviators. 

Karla Jordan: This grey set is super easy to style in different ways. Casual and comfy, with sneakers and a baseball cap or dressy with a moto jacket and pumps to add a little contrast. 

What do you do wearing our loungewear (groceries, watching movies on the couch, walking pets if any, etc.)

Daniella Ruiz: Running errands and getting my nails done. And especially because I styled them cute, I was enjoying being out wearing them. The pants I love for lounging on the couch but that top has to be seen!

Karla Jordan: All of the above, except I don’t have a dog so I’m currently trying to convince my husband to get one haha. 

What do you like that Objectrare has to offer? 

Daniella Ruiz: I love that objectrare has trendy style yet unique pieces. I feel that I can spends hours in the website or your Instagram and just see how everyone is wearing the pieces. I also love that everything is affordable and I end up getting great deals too. 

Karla Jordan: I love that I can find a little bit of everything in one place. From cute tops and tees to casual and formal dresses. There’s nothing better than a one-stop-shop.   

What makes you a rare girl? 

Daniella Ruiz: I am a rare girl because I am truly just me. I like to do things for me. Dress for me, be sexy for me and always have fun and even make myself laugh. I find beauty in my tough times and they have made me stronger. I love me and I don’t want to be anyone else but the real me and show my true colors. And that’s rare!

Karla Jordan: My love for fashion, having fun, and being 100% my rare self!


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