Trends to wear for 2021: The year of Loungewear

The year of Loungewear

At-home fitness remains a growing market segment for retailers to pay attention to, and that creates a demand for workout clothing. We identify Loungewear brands that have developed a cult following with their customer base, what trends they're pushing, where they're priced, and how they communicate to their loyal followers.

Most fashion trends all come and go. Loungewear is, however, proving to be an exception to this, as it is fast becoming a way of life.

What are you wearing now? Are you thinking about any activewear pieces you’ll slip into as soon as you can? With the coronavirus pandemic limiting many people to their homes and certainly cutting off the need for going-out clothes, it’s no surprise that people have been reaching for a soft elastic waistband in a hard world. Retailers have seen loungewear sell well in 2020, along with knitwear and investment pieces. As a result of their inescapability, there are several ways to incorporate feminine details into Loungewear, that are made for more than Loungewear. 

The Matching Set
This is a trend that we absolutely adore and can fully get on board with! That’s because matching sets could be one of the most efficient looks out there. Loungewear sets with coordinating pieces will make it easier for women to choose an outfit to wear to the gym or their next studio class.The matching set outfit for the gym or next studio class

Ivory color cropped sweatshirt and matching sweatpants from grey lab clothingCropped Sweatshirt - Grey Lab

Mauve color textured tank top and matching pants from endless roseTextured Tank Top - Endless Rose

2. The Sweat Shorts
As the weather starts to warm up, you may want to consider slipping into something a little cooler. Enter sweat shorts. Though nothing new, the style has been reimagined from strictly sporty to casually chic, this comfy loungewear is about to become a go-to as you go from your at-home office to errand-running all Summer long. Ahead, find the best sweat shorts to shop right now for lounging this season — and in every color and for every budget. 

Black color work out biker shorts from grey lab clothing Biker Shorts - Grey Lab

Lavender color soft fabric work out bra top from Marsy Active Bra Top - Marsy

3. Knitted Co-ords
The beauty of the co-ord is its simplicity. The knitted combo also works so well with boots, especially this season's other favorite trend, knee-highs, so it's a no-brainer. It may have started with cashmere tracksuits, but as the high street caught on, the knitted ensemble has expanded into the skirt, short and wide-leg trouser sets, much to our enjoyment.

Knit Short Sleeve Top and matching Long SkirtASD Knit Long SkirtASD Knit Long Sleeve Top and matching Mini SkirtASD Knit Mini SkirtASD

4. Relaxed Tailoring
Although people have not completely given up on sweatpants and cycling shorts, it is inspiring to mix them up when wearing clothes at home. Recently, anti-casual clothing trends such as linen have been increasingly used in fashion icon wardrobes, but there is another thing that has begun to wear: casual suits. Mix style approach to dressing is a visual trick, as you can keep whatever “nice” piece you’re wearing up top equally comfy.

Purple Long Sleeve Casual TopASD Mustard Long Sleeve Casual TopASD Green White Casual Suit TopASD

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